ETSOS are delighted to announce the addition of Property Assure’s property specific subsidence risk assessment surveys to the ordering portal. The reports, in collaboration with Landmark, are designed to fully investigate the level of subsidence risk to the property, including detailed data on arboricultural and drainage subsidence risk and recommended remedial actions and estimated costs.

Did you know that on average, the same number properties are affected by subsidence as are affected by flood each year?


What if we told you in the last 10 years, subsidence has cost the economy £3bn, or that 1 in 5 homes in the UK (approximately 6.5 million properties) are at risk of being affected by subsidence.

While floods take the headlines, homebuyers run the risk of expensive repair bills to properties where subsidence has occurred. By far the largest cause of subsidence in the UK is soil shrinkage, accounting for over 75% of subsidence claims. Soils such as clay and silt vary in their ability to change their volume when wetted or dried (known as volumetric change), therefore when wet they will expand and when dry they will shrink; so it doesn’t matter whether it rains or shines, it’s still worth investigating!

So what can you do to ensure your client mitigates their risk? ETSOS’s handy “Hazard Checker” highlights if a property is in an area at risk of subsidence. Where a risk is identified, Landmark’s “Subsidence Risk Certificate” report will detail the level of risk. Where a “Very High” or “High” risk is shown, Property Assure’s range of property surveys provide homebuyers with the information they need to make an informed decision.

Andy Lucas of Property Assure is clear on the benefits: “Homebuyers need to be vigilant to subsidence risk as the cost of repair can run into the tens of thousands of pound, but more importantly it can impact on the future sale of the property and the ability to obtain standard home insurance. If conveyancers are to truly act in the best interest of their clients, every angle and line of enquiry needs to be covered.


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