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Property Assure

Property Assure offers a range of risk profiling and management services to the property owner; including the provision of property services and tradesman services for maintenance and property improvement. Property Assure is a part of CET Structures Ltd.

CET is the UK’s leading provider of subsidence investigation and remediation services. Detailed site surveys include a comprehensive set of tests; comprising foundation and drainage investigation, soil analysis and building monitoring.

Data is key to understanding the reasons behind building movement. CET uses a broad range of investigative methods to gather accurate measurements; including the use of trial pits, boreholes and CCTV monitoring to provide a comprehensive survey report.


Future Climate Info

Since 2014, Future Climate Info (FCI) has been leading the market with its suite of Residential and Commercial Environmental Reports. Regulated by RICS, it provides extensive data, full risk assessments and clear advice on next steps from a Chartered Environmental Surveyor.

Using Land Registry boundaries, its reports present only relevant information; helping to provide peace of mind and inform property purchases in just 6 – 9 pages.

All reports comply with the Law Society Guidance and Practice Notes and full datasets include Contaminated Land, Flood, Ground Stability and Energy & Infrastructure.

CET Crack and Level Monitoring

CET is the country’s largest independent supplier of crack and level monitoring services to the subsidence industry. Widely used by insurers, loss adjusters, property managers and Local Authorities to assess and monitor the stability of a structure with visible cracks or distortion, data collection surveys include:

  • Deep datum installation
  • Traditional crack monitoring
  • Remote level monitoring
  • Floor contour surveys
  • Brick course distortion surveys

CET Subsidence Support

  • Internal/external trial pits and boreholes
  • Hand and mechanical auguring
  • Window sampling/dynamic probing
  • Laboratory/soil testing, carried out to relevant BS, EN and ISO standards
  • Drainage investigations utilising CCTV
  • Video monitoring of buildings
  • Comprehensive reporting

CET Subsidence Support